Is there a reason why you should use a mortgage broker?

There are actually many reasons why you should do it, but the shortest and easiest answer is that it will save you time and money. The right mortgage broker can help you find a great home loan and then help you with carrying out the application process, basically offering you an end-to-end service. Also, this service should come free of charge.

A good mortgage broker will have a lot of professional experience across the industry that lets them provide you with efficient and accurate advice to you.

How much will a mortgage broker cost you?

In most cases, the service should be free of charge. That’s because the mortgage broker will get paid their commission from the lender.

Why would you use Mortgage Broker Mareeba?

We commit to providing you with the unique answer that suits your situation. That means that we listen to you and research things before formulating an answer that aligns with your dreams and goals.

Chris Blyth is a treasure trove of industry information, and he’s got a lot of experience helping rural property owners, which means he has a unique appreciation of the difficulties in owning pieces of rural property.

When can you meet up with Chris?

Anytime – use our Contact Us page to use a method you prefer to get in contact with us. Just use the Contact Us page so you can pick out a method that you prefer to communicate with us. Chris is always happy to meet clients anytime during the days or even after hours, and he’s flexible in where he will meet with you.

Can we still help you if you and your partner have trouble finding times to meet up?

Yes, if this is something that’s hard for you, we can do things by email or over the phone.

How much are you able to borrow?

Various lenders all have their own policies on just how much they’ll lend out. Contact us with your pertinent details and we’ll work through our partner lenders to find the maximum amount you’re possibly able to borrow.

Visit our Pre-Approval Information page for details about what information we require from you to get you an idea of your borrowing capacity.

How long will the home loan application take?

The application process will vary based on your circumstances and just how complicated the application is. As a general guideline, though, most applications will take from two days up to a week. If you’re in a rush, just tell us, and we’ll make your application a priority.

How can I apply for my home loan?

Part of our service includes handling the application process for you. Once you choose to move ahead with us, we’ll get together the information we need for you, fill out all the lender’s forms, and then submit your application. We’ll keep tabs on the progress of that application with the chosen lender while keeping you up to date along the way.

You can visit our Loan Application Information page for more details on the information we will require from you to process the loan application.

How can you qualify to use the first home buyer’s grant?

You, and possibly your applicable partner, must both be 18 years of age, either a permanent resident or Australian citizen, and building or buying a brand new home that was never occupied before now. Also, the value of the home must be less than $750,000.

You’ll need to move into this new home less than a year after you buy it and then live there for a minimum of six months.

Additionally, you, and possibly your spouse, can’t have already gotten a first home owner grant anywhere in the country, nor can you previously or currently have owned any property anywhere either.

Note: This criteria applies to the Australian state of Queensland. For more information and details, please visit this Queensland Government page –